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School Counseling & Social Work Program Virtual Hours Letter to Parents
Posted On:
Wednesday, April 08, 2020
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Dear Parents and Guardians,                                                

                      Our schools will now offer counseling and social work services virtually as an additional resource to help your student succeed in their academic goals, as well as support social and emotional growth throughout the remainder of the academic year based on school closures due to the COVID-19 virus.  Counseling/social work sessions, if needed, will be short-term in nature and focus on solutions to help your child succeed in all areas of their development during this unpredictable and stressful time.

Please know that this information and guidance is subject to change, pending any updates that may be provided by our local district and/or State Department of Education.  Therefore, it is with our great intent to provide these virtual hours to support students and engagement from a teacher, staff member, or from you as a parent or guardian. The virtual hours for school counselors and school social workers will start on Monday, April 6, 2020 as the following:

Virtual Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Please be mindful that if there is something that requires immediate attention in regards to a student’s mental well-being, your child may be referred to a community resource for further assistance to meet your child’s imminent and individualized needs. We all are trying to move forward and make the best out of this situation and we ask that you be patient and understanding during this time. We miss our students dearly and hope this virtual accessibility will help ease any stress they may be experiencing. Please see the contact information below.

Hillcrest High School/WDC: (251) 216-2023

                                                    (251) 230-9759

                                                   (251) 216-2043

Evergreen Elementary/SPMA: (251) 216-1167

                                                     (251) 227-2403

            Lyeffion Junior High School:  (251) 227-2176

                                                     (251) 230-9816

           Thurgood Marshall Middle School:  (251) 230-3271

                                                      (251) 230-9816

           Repton Junior High School:   (251) 230-3271

                                                       (251) 236-8931

          Conecuh County Jr. High School: (251) 227-2176

                                                        (251) 236-8931

          Genesis Innovative School:  (251) 578-5291 ext 1107


Best Regards,

School Counseling & Social Work Programs




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